Susan! I’m so happy to find you here! I’ve been enjoying your work and nurturing my family with some of your goodies since back in the day when we lived in Ireland!

Well we just left 2 years ago but looks like ages…

looking forward for the live classes!! I’m sure we will have a good craic!

Sending love and some apples!

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Apr 1Liked by Susan Jane White

Hi Susan, I'm based in Cavan and loved your work from day one. I attended one of your workshops in Fallon & Byrne some years ago and was in awe of your Quinoa cooking skills. Delighted to be here. I am a big fan of podcasts so if that was every a thing you could bring to the party, that would be super.

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Mar 20Liked by Susan Jane White

I am delighted to find you here Susan! I have your Extra Virgin Kitchen cookbook and adore your work <3

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