Hiya, I’m Susan Jane!

… kitchen sorcerer and health geek. I’ve been writing cookbooks, cavorting on the telly and broadcasting my potty mouth over Irish airwaves for the last 15 years. You are so very welcome to my Substack recipe portal.

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Seriously awesome people! They include savvy, curious, hungry readers who want to mainline more veg into their lives and boost their batteries.

I like to think of the recipes as the tastiest homework you’ll ever get. But don’t worry - there are no exams or grading! Just a hotline to my kitchen, where I answer any questions that may arise for you.

You’ll hear from me 3 times a month, regularly including my nutrition-led Health Freaks and Data Geeks feature, as well as uniquely nourishing recipes to stack on top of our monthly learning. My posts are designed to be your Allen key for creativity in the kitchen. Each crunch and crumb will fuel your body, and help you to nudge junk food off your radar.  

I love curating science-focused podcasts, videos, and books to support our ingredient themes, facilitating a deeper learning of the majesty of our bodies. This is called the Health Freaks and Data Geeks section. No dodgy dogmatism here - just peer reviewed, informative research with qualified physicians and researchers. I firmly believe if we surround ourselves with supportive resources, our bodies will reward us by singing louder and for longer! That’s my core mission with Taking the Hell out of Healthy. You are your own best teacher.

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Substack is ad free (yes!) and way less frenetic than social media. No TikTok wormholes here, or controlling algorithms. I'm curating this space as a calm and nourishing pocket of the internet, to support you in your quest for better health and fizzier toes. I want my recipes to service your body like a Formula-1 pit stop. By subscribing, you will be supporting my work too, enabling me to do the research so you won't have to.

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Health geek. Kitchen diva. And author of Taking the Hell out of Healthy. Sunday Independent columnist since 2009.