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Build Your Own Bean Bowl

In 11 minutes, let me take you through a nifty blueprint to some of the best bean stews, curries n'combos your kitchen will see in 2023

By now, you’ve listened to the brilliance of beans, prebiotics, Dr B, and the majesty of short chain fatty acids. What a month! Today’s video is here to nourish that relationship with beans, to learn what makes them sing, find who they like to hang out with, and the flavours worthy of seducing into your kitchen and your lives.

I serve all my bean bowls with some form of ferment on the side, such as plain yoghurt, soured cream or fermented chilli sauce like a sriracha. Plus these gloriously juicy turmeric onion pickles which you can find below. Let me know how you get on, and the beautiful combos that find your fancy!

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Taking the Hell out of Healthy
Taking the Hell out of Healthy
Susan Jane White